Mushrooming / Houbobraní

Mushroom hunting and fine design have both been defining aspects of Czech culture for centuries – and on Sunday, November 4th in Stromovka Park, these two traditions will come together in a new way, as a local forest becomes a ‘mushroom-art’ gallery.

HOUBOBRANI(“Mushroom Harvest”) will feature cardboard mushrooms designed by top Czech artists (including Studio DeForm, Okolo, Linda ČihařováTrash Made, Qubus, Jania Prokaič, Studio Cincera and Daniel Gonzalez), which will be scattered throughout the forest, just waiting to be discovered! Visitors will receive maps, ‘mushroom atlases,’ and special collection baskets for their mushroom-hunting expedition – how fun is that? Organized by the Poland-based Forms and Shapes Foundation, this one-day-only free event takes place from 12:00-18:00. For more info, check out the Forms and Shapes website:



Stromovka Park, Prague 7
November 4, 2012
hours 12 – 18
entrance fee FREE
tram 12, 17, 24 to Výstaviště Holešovice